JustPlay has had fun with communities around the globe including:

  • Deaf young people in Cambodia
  • Children suffering the effects of HIV & heroin addiction in rural China
  • Young people living in a conflict zone in rural Colombia
  • Refugees living in camps in Calais & Dunkirk, France
  • Street children in Ghana
  • Children suffering the after effects of the chemical explosion in Bhopal, India
  • Tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka & Thailand
  • Children living in an orphanage in Tanzania
  • Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
  • Homeless people & Irish traveller children in London, UK

JustPlay founders Jo & Jake, together with their son Roo, have generally worked on these projects under the umbrella of a parent organisation, or in partnership with local NGOs.

Projects are tailored to the needs of the local community; the requirements and constraints of the local situation. Some or all of these elements may be included:

  • Informal play sessions involving circus equipment &/or games
  • Structured workshops in circus skills for beginners
  • Structured workshops in intermediate acrobalance
  • Structured workshops in theatre skills &/or improvisation
  • Structured workshops in Forum Theatre techniques
  • Shows co-devised with and for the local community, involving circus skills and/or Forum Theatre techniques
  • Free professional shows to entertain the community

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