Big Bang Challenge!

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JustPlay is bursting with ideas to make a big bang for social justice. Help to grow our operations by accepting the BIG BANG CHALLENGE!

You will be helping young people living in the direst of circumstances expand their horizons and their opportunities.

Here’s how:


  1. Watch the example video (above) & make sure you read the safety notes at the bottom of the page
  2. Get someone to video you
  3. Blow up a balloon (the cheaper the better)
  4. Keep blowing till it bursts (or get someone to burst it with a pin when you’re not expecting it – better for the young & the more frail)
  5. Take the footage & edit it to run at quarter speed (eg with the free app Movie Maker on Windows; Slow Motion FX on Android), or
  6. Extract frames from the video to make photos of the moments the balloon bursts & you react (Snapshot in Movie Maker). You can also convert these to an animated GIF (eg with the free app GIF Animator for Windows).
  7. Post the video on Facebook, crediting JustPlay Big Bang Challenge
  8. Paste the link to this webpage as a comment:
  9. Invite 5 more friends to take the Big Bang Challenge
  10. Please consider a donation if you’ve enjoyed this challenge. Thanks!


Health suitability should be assured for all participants. Balloon burst size must be adjusted for age and other vulnerability factors. Ear plugs may be required! Do not try if you’re not sure!

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